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Its been awhile... But we have been busy having FUN

posted May 22, 2013, 6:53 AM by Growing In Grace
We have been having so much fun outside enjoying the nice weather that I just haven't had time to update. Here is some stuff we have done since my last post
*Valentines day party- we showed our love by handing out valentines, braking a piñata and having some special treats
* Mid winter fun week- Monday western day and we got to go swimming at the community center, Tuesday mismatch day, Wednesday Pj day and we watched a special movie, Thursday we dress myself day, and Friday was daycare shirt and we had an indoor picnic with happy meals from Mc Donald's
*A sneaky little leprechaun visited our daycare. He made a huge mess but left us lots of goodies 
* Bowling party- We had our annual party at the 300 club we all enjoyed pizza and bowling
*We went on a field trip to the ZOO!
Be sure to check out the pictures of all these fun things we did.
 With summer almost here we will be spending lots of time outside and swimming at the swimming pool!