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Its mid winter crazy week!

posted Feb 19, 2013, 12:34 PM by Growing In Grace

We are feeling a little crazy after being cooped up inside so much so we are have a mid-winter crazy week to get some of our crazies out.

Monday: cowboy/cowgirl day and we were able to take kids 4 and older to the community center to go swimming

Tuesday: mis-match crazy hair day

Wednesday: Pajama day and we will be watching a special movie while enjoying some freshly popped popcorn and a special treat

Thursday: Dress yourself day, this is going to be a fun one the kids get to pick out their own clothes and dress themselves, so if they decide their underwear go on the outside then so be it (I can’t wait to see the kids on this day)

Friday: Wear your favorite daycare shirt and we are going to be having a super special lunch