Our Objectives



  • Children will learn that Jesus is their best friend and Savior, and apply God’s Word to each day of their lives.
  • Pastor will come and give devotions on a weekly basis.



Our staff will strive to

  • Teach the Word of God.
  • Inspire a love for learning.
  • Provide good literature and literacy activities, use sequences, sizes, and shapes for learning numbers, and organize play activities.


Children will

  • Develop fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, drawing, writing etc.)
  • Develop gross motor skills (hoping, skipping, throwing, catching, etc.)


The Staff will strive to

  • Teach the importance of friendship
  • Help children to work and play independently
  • Strengthen family ties and work together with parents.


  • The staff will strive to instill in each child a healthy self image as a redeemed child of God.